There are lots of ways you can help with fundraising for Dumbarton and the PTA. We will have some fundraisers throughout the year, but the are a lot of EVERYDAY ways you can help raise funds!

Some of these benefit the school directly and some benefit the PTA. Either way, it's a win-win! Our kids benefit! See the info below or click on the logos.

    • If you shop on, simply enter next time! Using "smile" in front is the website that gives back but contains the same shopping. Once there, choose Dumbarton Elem PTA. Make purchases as you would normally do and the school will receive 0.5%, the purchase price from your ellgible AmazonSmile purchases.
  2. Kroger Rewards
    • Connect your Kroger Rewards card by visiting: and signing up. You earn money for our school by simply buying grocery products and linking your card to Dumbarton Elementary School PTA. If you don't have a Kroger Rewards card, simply ask the cashier for an easy to fill out application to help earn savings!
  3. Shoparoo
    • This smartphone app (for Android and Apple phones) will allow you to scan any receipt (within 2 weeks of purchase) and begin to eam points. The school receives a check once a year. Be sure to scan receipts after a purchase as the app will not credit for any purchase after 2 weeks' time.
  4. Coca Cola Gives Back
    • Visit to scan or manually enter rewards. Make sure to choose Dumbarton Elementary School - Henrico- 23228. This process can be done on a computer or smartphone.
  5. Collect Box Tops for Education
    • Participating items from stores have Box Tops for Education that can be clipped and sent in to your school with your child.
    • In conjunction with this, the app "Bonus Box Tops for Education" can be used to earn bonus tops. Simply sign up, link with Durnbarton Elementary School and review possible offers within the app. Select offers redeemed during grocery shopping, and then scan your receipt. After the transaction is complete, Dumbarton will receive bonus box top money!
  6. Tyson Project A+
    • Participating Tyson food products have a label with "Support Your School!!'' Clip this and send in with your child.
  7. Aluminum Can Tabs
    • Simply remove the aluminum can tab and place in a small bag to send in to school with your child. One of our local teachers takes the tabs to exchange for money for our school.
  8. Clothing/Shoe Drop Off
    • Located right beside the school after you drive through the carpool line before exiting the parking lot (near the pedestrian walk from the big parking lot to the school sidewalk). The school earns money for every pound of donated clothes or shoes throughout the year. Be sure to put your items in a plastic bag before putting in the donation drop off.
  9. School Shop - Coming soon!

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